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Welcome to The Deep Learning Crowd Podcast. We talk about individual journey's in the world of AI and discuss topics around Deep Learning. We discover first hand from our guests about some of the most interesting applications their companies are using right now.

The Deep Learning Crowd - Leon Szeli - Co-Founder & CEO - Presize

In this episode I will be speaking with Leon Szeli, CEO and Co-Founder of Presize, an exciting Start-up in Munich which has already created huge waves in the eCommerce and AI world. I will be getting to know Leon and how his progressed so quickly but effectively in the last 2 years. We will be covering his unique product in the field of computer vision and deep learning with their 3D body scanning software for accurate size guides for online shoppers. Presize is on a mission to solve the biggest problems in online trading of product return rates due to wrong sizes and poor fits of fashion products. Presize have appeared on ‘The Lion’s Den’, won multiple awards and has grown from 0 to 50 in just over 2 years. Leon is an incredible leader who has a passion for his product and more importantly, a great guy.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!

The Deep Learning Crowd – Dr. Holger Bartel – CEO & Founder

I am very excited to announce the 1st episode of The Deep Learning Crowd Podcast – where I speak to Dr. Holger Bartel, CEO & Founder of RealRate In this episode, we get to know Holger and what RealRate do in the world of AI. We break down XAI and the concerns we are facing, also understanding Hybrid AI and the importance of it. Lastly we dive into entrepreneurship and what Holger has done to get into the position he is in now. Holger was voted Top 25 Insurtech CEOs of 2020, he is a serial entrepreneur, a king of automating and an awesome guest. I learned a lot and I believe anyone listening can take some value from this show too. I hope you enjoy the first episode of The Deep Learning Crowd!

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