05-08-2021 | Episode #2

The NLP Zone - Ivan Bilan - Engineer & Data Science Manager

The NLP Zone - Ivan Bilan - Engineer & Data Science Manager

Welcome to episode 2, in this episode I will be speaking with an absolute Guru of NLP, Ivan Bilan Head of NLP & Data Science Manager for TrustYou. Ivan is a fantastic networker and advocate for learning and helping others in the field of NLP and AI, he really knows his stuff and believes sharing his knowledge is the answer to inspire and grow the next generation. In this episode we talk about: 1. How Ivan started out in NLP, what his work involves at TrustYou and what it’s like managing an NLP team 2. Open source in NLP and what is popular right now.

3. Recent advancements in NLP such as cool startups and new ideas.

4. Chatbots and it’s 5 different levels

It was a pleasure speaking with Ivan, I thoroughly enjoyed my time speaking with him, I learned a lot and I believe anyone listening can take some value from this episode too. I hope you enjoy!

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