27-07-2021 | Episode #1

The NLP Zone - Iason Georgakopoulos & Johannes Forster

The NLP Zone - Iason Georgakopoulos & Johannes Forster

I am very excited to announce the 1st episode of The NLP Zone Podcast – where I speak to Iason Georgakopoulos – Co-founder and CPO of Deep Neuron Lab and Johannes Forster – Senior Manager & Lead Data Scientist at KPMG.

In this episode, Iason breaks down the importance of Intelligent Document Processing and why it is crucial for enterprises. Iason also covers the dealings with the uncertainty of models in a certain domain. Johannes talks about some of the fears of using AI, breaking down AI explainability and Governance. Johannes also goes into detail about the change in popularity of Text mining tools. And finally, we cover the difficulties of hiring talented ML Engineers and Data Scientists, and what skills are important that employees should pay attention to. I hope you enjoy the first episode of The NLP Zone!

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